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Polarized Sun Visor

Polarized Sun Visor

Polarized Sun Visor

  • S$ 22.00

When you are driving a car, the sun is blinding you and visor hiding you vision? And driving at night, the headlights blinding you come across the way? HD Vision Visor is a solution!

HD Vision Visor includes two sun-protective transparent layer for Daytime use at night

Prevent glare and allow you to enjoy safe driving fun and relaxed than ever!
Feature : This item is designed for clip onto your existing sun shade to shade the sunshine in the day & prevents car lights at night.

Perfect for drivers

Eye protection: At different levels of effective anti-dazzle degree Eyes comfort, relieve eye fatigue, effectively protect the safety of driving under the strong light Blocking the car light in the night Shading the sunshine in the day Fatigue, to reduce the harmful light of visual stimuli Installation is simple, portable Stainless steel metal screws fixed lens

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