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How to Clean Your Vehicle Like a Professional?

How to Clean Your Vehicle Like a Professional?
31 October

How to Clean Your Vehicle Like a Professional?

Being cautious and paying attention to details are key aspects while cleaning an automobile. Regular car cleaning will maintain the paint as well as the vehicle's new-car appearance.

Here, we'll provide you with some advice on how to wash your car expertly and achieve a showroom shine at home.

Tip#1: Start from the Top to Down Method

Cleaning at random or starting with the worst regions comes as another common error. A professional, however, is aware that it is imperative to begin at the top and work your way down. Make good use of gravity. In this manner, pollutants that have already been removed from surfaces are not introduced again.

Tip#2: Scrub Wheels and Tyres

To remove caked-on oil and filth from wheels, which may be painted, chromed, alloy, or clear coated, soap and water are frequently insufficient. Instead, purchase a solution designed specifically for the type of wheel. Spray the wheel and tyre cleaner on, then let it sit for ten minutes to absorb. Work the cleanser into all the nooks and crannies with a soft-bristle brush. If required, repeat the process.

Tip#3: Polish Metal

Reviving them with a liquid metal polish is the simplest way to keep the metal components in your car looking their best. Utilize it to polish chrome bumpers, wheel alloys, door handles, and light fixtures. Apply metal polish using a clean, lint-free cloth after washing and drying the vehicle. Work in tiny portions to restore the shine. Apply a corrosion and stain remover before polishing on rusted and tarnished surfaces.