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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car in Good Shape

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car in Good Shape
28 October

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car in Good Shape

The majority of car owners view their vehicle as their pride and happiness, a status symbol that also provides their family with ease and comfort.

Here's what you should do to guarantee that your cherished car continues to perform flawlessly for many years to come:

1. Know Your Car

It is not sufficient to simply check your tyres' pressure and wash your automobile. Long-term automotive health depends on you being able to do a basic check of your car's vitals.

It is usually a good idea to read through the user handbook because it contains vital information on the capabilities of your car and even prevention advice.

2. Changes the Oil

Maintaining the functionality of your car's engine requires routine oil checks and changes. Every month, check your oil and replace it according to the owner's manual for your car.

3. Change the Filters and Belts

Consumables like filters, belts, and spark plugs also require periodic inspection and replacement if they're found to be worn out or broken. Loss of power and decreased mileage are the results of clogged oil and air filters.

Wear on the engine belt and spark plugs can also affect fuel economy and pickup. Strong performance and lower maintenance costs might result from proactive monitoring of these components and prompt repair of any issues.