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Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter
28 October

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter draws near! The coldest cycle of the same, which we observe across the Earth's yearlong revolution, has just started. The winter months bring a whole new set of issues that will have an impact on your car.

Here we will see some car maintenance tips that are ideal for winters.

Keep Lights Clean

Winter causes cars to become quite dirty, not the least of which is all the salt on the roadways. As a result, it's crucial to maintain your lights clean. If your automobile lacks headlight washers, simply wipe them off with a cloth. Clean off your licence plate as well.

Top Up Antifreeze

Make sure your antifreeze is full since it prevents the water in your engine's cooling system from freezing. Depending on the car and the required type of coolant, the coolant should be changed every 2 to 5 years.

Use Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are essential for people who reside in regions where the temperature frequently falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter tyres are better able to maintain their flexibility in colder weather.

Wind Shield Wipers

Keep the wipers high if you park outside to avoid them from sticking to the windshield. Use an ice scraper to clear ice, snow, or frost off the windshield rather than your wiper blades.

Keep Fuel Tanks Half Full

It's a good idea to have at least half a tank of petrol in your car during the winter months in case of emergencies or if you get stranded in the snow and have to wait for help. Plan ahead for petrol stops for longer road trips.