Universal Adjustable Bike Phone Mount Holder

Universal Adjustable Bike Phone Mount Holder

Universal Adjustable Bike Phone Mount Holder

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Adjustable clamp to hold the phone: clamp of the road bike mount could fit any smartphone which wide from 2.2 to 3.6 in (5.6-9.2 cm). The material of the clamp is anti-slip, and the width of it is adjustable. It will hold your phone steady and tight without scratching and protect your phone dropping.

Silicone butterfly bands, double security: the handlebar phone mount comes with three elastic silicone butterfly bands to protect phones from scratching. There is extra protection to use two bands together, double security. We provide three butterfly bands in 3 colors (black, orange, and red) which can be alternate used.

360°rotating, full-screen view: bicycle cell phone mount is equipped with a 360-degree rotating head, so it’s convenient and easier to get a comfortable view of your phone. The display could be adjusted to any position or direction to have a full-screen view, including buttons and mic jacks of most cell phones. You will never have to remove the phone from the bike mount phone holder.

The 3-step clamp design for a handlebar: for handlebar clamp, there is the silicone rubber pad inside to protect your bike handlebar from scratches. It has a 3-step design for this clamp to fit a handlebar which diameter is from 0.6 to 1.35 inches. The rubber silicone material is soft and surely won’t hurt your bike.

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